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Success Story

The HRIS Issue

Weinstein Beverage experienced a number of challenges with their HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance process before switching to Optimum HRIS®. Running on multiple systems made reporting difficult and time consuming, the support they were receiving was lacking and costly, and they wanted more control over data. On top of all that, the last implementation they went through had not gone smoothly, making them hesitant to go through the process again.  


Running on Multiple Systems 

One of the biggest challenges Weinstein Beverage faced was running multiple processes across different data systems, which made reporting difficult and time consuming. Moving to Optimum allowed Weinstein to have their Payroll and HR on one single database, speeding up their previous data reporting process. While their Time & Attendance is still separate, Hagel & Company was able to create a smoother interface to the application than their previous provider. 

Support & Implementation 

Customer service and support was a priority for Weinstein Beverage and their previous solution was making it very costly for them to get the support they wanted and needed. Hagel & Company and the Optimum’s 24/7 support team, with designated Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) support reps was just what Weinstein Beverage was looking for. “Even in the implementation process, the support team kept us moving forward,” said the operations director at Weinstein Beverage, Kammie Radebaugh. “No matter how stressed we were on our end, the Hagel team kept things unbelievably organized and calm for us to meet every deadline!”  


The HRIS Solution 

Weinstein Beverage is fully running on Optimum’s Payroll and Human Resource software and now has a completely streamlined payroll process. Moving to Optimum HRIS® has saved valuable time and Weinstein has been utilizing Optimum’s world-class 24/7 support as well as features like PTO plans, query reports, Year End and ACA reporting documents. 

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