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In the last year since our company made the switch from Abra to Optimum, the speed of our payroll processing has increased. The transfer of data from Timekeeping to Payroll Processing is simple and efficient. The HR side of the system is very user friendly and has a large array of reports to choose from. On a daily basis I have enjoyed the Optimum system; it is easy to manuever around in and enter data quickly.


- Dana Mounts

Mead Clark Lumber Co.

One Database

Optimum HRIS is a completely integrated solution with one master database, so you can update employee records once across all applications. No more duplicated entries to maintain!


Developed and Supported In House

Not only is our software developed in house, we also support it ourselves. With Optimum, you’ll get to know your dedicated, highly trained support representative by name.



Our HRIS software is designed to suit your specific needs. We provide web-enabled in house software for both Windows as well as a cloud based SaaS solution.


Technology Options

Optimum HRIS software is designed to suit your specific needs and can be customized to support your business’ operational requirements. Whether or not you have an internal IT department, we’ve got you covered. Cloud-based, in-house, Microsoft, IBM; whatever the story, we’ve got a solution for you. Optimum HRIS can be deployed on-premise for Windows or as a cloud-based SaaS license. 




In House HRIS Software

Our in house software is compatible with Microsoft Windows or IBM i (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i). Our software is web-enabled; even if you choose our on-premise license, you can still access the system through the web whenever you need to. 


  • Access - Deployed on your own network and web-enables; ability to limit web access

  • Configuration - Flexible for customizations and integration with 3rd party software applications

  • Costs - You own the software; that means some hardware costs associated with servers, etc., but no ongoing software fees

  • Security - Protect your data behind your own secure firewall with limited outside points of entry

  • Resources - May require internal IT resources



Cloud-based HRIS Software

No server? No problem. Our full HRIS suite is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution. Our cloud solutions also offer financial flexibility, with subscription payments rather than full upfront costs.


  • Access - Web-browser user interface; easily accessible through the web at multiple locations

  • Configuration - Get software updates automatically

  • Costs - Minimal hardware costs; ongoing software rental fees

  • Security - Secured at the data center level

  • Resources - Minimal internal IT dependency


For more information contact us at 253.572.2439 x301.

Software Features

Optimum HRIS

Optimum Payroll

Optimum HR

Optimum Time & Attendance

Optimum Employee Self Service

Optimum Recruiting


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