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StratEx automates employment services and empowers employees.

> For small-to-mid-sized businesses, startups and companies with lean resources, StratEx is an online ecosystem to manage HR issues – from application to employment, payroll to PTO, and everything in between.


> For HR professionals at large companies with challenging employment issues, StratEx delivers targeted automation that accelerates workflow and processes that are labor-intensive and difficult to scale.

Guided by a philosophy to always do the right thing, the right way, our employees are empowered to advocate for clients. We fearlessly challenge broken conventions to provide a friction-free working experience. When they choose StratEx, clients gain an indispensible partner and provider to help them perform at the highest level.

Why Choose StratEx?


Welcome to eStratEx™, our web-based interface that automates every aspect of payroll, HR and benefits management, from applicant-to-COBRA. Peace-of-mind is all part of the package.


Manage compliance and understand complexities of labor law in all fifty states. And when things get sticky, our legal experts help solve problems before they grow.


StratEx is a dedicated partner. Our account service teams include HR professionals with experience in compliance, labor law and more. When you need extra help, we’re ready.

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