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Criterion HCM Overview Webcasts
Every Tuesday @ 10 am PT
& Friday @ 9:30 am PT


Criterion HCM is one of the most complete and affordable web-based solutions for HR benefit enrollment, time and labor management, and payroll integration.


Criterion HCM provides clients with a better solution for benefits enrollment and benefits administration at an extremely competitive price. Join us for an overview of this user-friendly HRIS!

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Need training on your current software?

We can help!

Software Training


All too often we hear from our customers that, as busy professionals, they sometimes lose sight of the big picture and are too rushed to get the maximum potential out of their software. Are you one of those people? Could your day be easier if you had help and better understood what your products could really do for you? Call us at 253.572.2439! (press 2, then 2 again)


  • Individual Training: Do you or a new employee need individual training? Our consultants can guide you through your software from start to finish or answer any questions you might have about the products.


  • Web-based Training: If you need personalized online assistance or training, our consultants can help!



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