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In the last year since our company made the switch from Abra to Optimum, the speed of our payroll processing has increased. The transfer of data from Timekeeping to Payroll Processing is simple and efficient. The HR side of the system is very user friendly and has a large array of reports to choose from. On a daily basis I have enjoyed the Optimum system, it is easy to maneuver around in and enter data quickly.

Dana Mounts

Human Resources/Payroll, Mead Clark Lumber Co.

I enjoyed working with you and Jeff.  I felt the one-on-one time spent learning to be the most beneficial and I could comfortably train another person to maintain and use the software on both the HR and payroll sides.  I would recommend both Hagel and Optimum to others. 

Kathleen Smith

Payroll Department, Fairfax Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Not having to input PR/HR information on multiple screens saves me a lot of time each day and eliminates errors!

Traci Responté

Payroll, Manke Lumber Company

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