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“Optimum has more of both the HR and payroll mindset in one program than any other system I have looked at, either a combined system or even separate systems that focus only on HR or Payroll.”
-Linda Williams
HR / Admin Coordinator

Pacific Northwest Title of Kitsap is an independent title insurance agent located in Silverdale, WA. In business since 1990, their vision is to provide stellar service with high trust and integrity, so that when the choice comes to choosing a title and escrow company there simply is no other choice. The staff at Pacific Northwest Title is committed to a making a difference in the lives of their clients and their community. Their culture is to foster bold, ethical leaders creating trust, respect and integrity, and create a workplace that values learning and growth.

The Issue

Pacific NW Title of Kitsap was previously on legacy HR and payroll systems which never interfaced well. When Linda Williams joined the company in April 2015 as the Human Resources and Admin Coordinator, she quickly realized that the current systems were not working well and promptly engaged in discussions with the EVP. Open enrollment had just finished and incomplete benefits election data had been partially entered into the legacy system, resulting in many reporting issues. There was difficulty in clarifying old, new, erroneous or mission-critical information, resulting in a very messy and difficult benefits election. The organization could also not conclusively say they were compliant with new government regulations.

It was determined that the current systems were outdated,  driving the need for a new, comprehensive, integrated HR and Payroll system.

A Search for a Solution

Based on the prior support and expertise Hagel & Company had provided Pacific NW Title with in the past, Linda requested their recommendation for a new system. Linda and her COO evaluated at least  three solutions, based on different scenarios, before deciding on Optimum HRIS.

From the initial demonstration, Linda loved the workflow of Optimum. She felt anyone with a human resources or payroll background could use Optimum easily. Pacific NW Title made the decision to move forward with Optimum HRIS and Hagel & Company in June of 2015.

The Implementation

Hagel & Company implemented the entire Optimum HRIS solution, with the exception of timekeeping, over a period of  8-12 weeks. Linda appreciated the one-on-one training that Hagel & Company provided and enjoys their continued partnership as they discover new ways to use the system and classify data without impacting Pacific NW Title’s historical data.

The Results

Pacific Northwest Title now has a powerful single database SQL HR and Payroll system with Optimum HRIS. The accuracy and ease of use in the automated Optimum system, has saved the Accounting Manager “days, not hours, in payroll processing time” every single pay cycle.

Linda is pleased at the incredible ease of reporting in Optimum, as well as the  exporting capabilities. She found the standard reports so comprehensive that they often don’t need to create custom reports. In her opinion and experience  government reporting is so much more simple for her colleagues than the prior system.

The ability to tailor her view of employee data in Optimum stands out from any other program she has seen. She controls exactly what data she wants to see right at her fingertips. Onboarding with Optimum has streamlined their workflow down to 15 minutes and with the document attachment function they have been able to become much more paperless.

Regular Optimum updates keep Pacific NW Title up to date on regulation changes and Linda now has total confidence that they are in compliance. She notes that Optimum handles all issues nationwide regardless of location.

Linda loves the ongoing responsiveness and support she receives from Hagel & Company and Jeff Moan. Jeff can easily access her system remotely via GoToMeeting if she is having an issue and she says he immediately has eyes on her problem. She states, “It is always a pleasure to work with him. He gets it.” She has a great deal of confidence in him and feels he understands both the HR and payroll side of things. “He understands compliance and regulations in the HR world.”

Linda is very excited about their future with Optimum and continues to discover new ways to utilize Optimum. “It is exciting to see how far we can take it.”

Success Story

Pacific NW Title of Kitsap

Linda Williams, HR & Admin Coordinator

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