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Every organization has different time and attendance needs, and EmpowerTime™ is designed to meet them. This browser-based application automates the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee work transactions for maximum accuracy, custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Responsible for accurately calculating time for 20 million paychecks annually, thousands of organizations rely on EmpowerTime to control their labor expenses and free up management to work on more strategic activities with these features and benefits:


• The Most Accurate Tracking
• Exception Management
• Easy Data Access
• Master Complex Transactions
• Robust Calculation Engine
• Simple Integration
• Employee Self-Service

Supported by powerful analytics tools, the EmpowerTime system is responsible for calculating hours for 20 million paychecks annually, and is relied on by thousands of organizations to control their labor expenses.


  • Precision Tracking

    Smart punch classification (“swipe-n-go”) intuitively classifies time punches and eliminates entry error for more accurate data.


  • Easy Data Access

    Customized views let you see work transactions, job/location assignments, special pay codes, schedules, benefit balances, effective dates, and more.


  • Employee Self-Service

    Mobile self-service lets employees enter punches, perform location/department/job transfers, view timecards and schedules, and submit requests from web-enabled devices.


  • Simple Integration

    EmpowerTime collects work transaction data from a variety of devices and easily interfaces with our EmpowerHR/Pay solution, which covers payroll processing and benefits management.

Empower Software Brochure

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